How to clean a Panini press in real simple ways

A Panini press is one of the most used kitchen equipment in our daily life. And if you are using a commercial panini press for your restaurant then it is obvious that you’ve to clean the machine properly too often. That’s why you should know how to clean a panini press in proper and most effective ways. Your maker can be broken if it is not washed in the right ways.
So, Let’s discuss how to clean a panini press.

How to Clean a Panini Press

The food we make in a panini press is contained of fat and we also use additional oil. So it becomes dirty very easily. Though for some people, cleaning seems very much painful. But actually, it’s not. Let’s find out the super-easy methods and see what you prefer to clean yours.

1. A Natural And Easy Cleaning Method

  • Unplug the Panini press
  • Hot(Boiled) Water
  • Dishwashing Soap
  • Water-soaked cloth or a Sponge

Let’s discuss in detail-

Unplug the Panini press

The very first step you should take before cleaning is to plug the panini press off. It is the most important thing. If it remains plugged in with electricity and your start cleaning with water then you can get a shock from electricity which is very dangerous. And your machine can break down as well. So you need to remember to plug the panini press off every time while cleaning.

Hot Water

Hot water is far effective than normal water for cleaning a panini press. When the residue is very stubborn, you’ll need hot water to remove them very easily. Hot water can remove dirt in a quick time. So don’t forget to boil the water before start cleaning.

Dishwashing Soap

As we know the residue on the panini presses is too stubborn, we can’t remove them totally only with hot water. We need to use dishwasher soap with hot water. Hot water will mitigate the residue and soap will help to remove them totally.

Water-soaked cloth or a Sponge

Cleaning a panini press

You’ll need a water-soaked cloth or a sponge with hot water and dishwashing soap for the best clean. You’ll have to mix the soap with hot water and wipe the machine with cloth or sponge. Make sure not to rub hard otherwise, it can harm your press. Keep a note here. You should not use much water while cleaning because a lot of water can damage the grill.

Now Let’s combine the efforts and see what’s it like:

First of all, unplug the panini press for safety issues. Then take hot water, dishwashing soap, and a soft cloth or a sponge. Now mix the soap with hot water and start cleaning with the cloth. Wipe the machine thoroughly and properly but don’t forget to do the work with soft hands. Otherwise, it will damage your machine.

Watch the video for better clarification:

2. Steam Cleaning Method

The steam cleaning method is basically a really simple method done with the same natural magic that your machine always does. Let me explain to you.

First of all, you’ll have to power on your panini press grill in the lowest heat and wait until it becomes hot. Then take a soft water-soaked cloth and some clean water. Now, wet the cloth and wipe the whole machine properly with soft hands. Make sure that your cloth has soaked the water completely otherwise much water can damage your machine so be careful about that. After finishing the first round of wiping make sure to plug off the machine. When the machine will be getting cooler you’ve to do a final wipe with another wet cloth before the panini press becomes completely cool. Again make sure that your cloth soaked the water completely.

3. Using Baking Soda

Cleaning your panini press with baking soda is another great method and superbly effective one. What you’ll have to do is, take a cup of hot water and put 3 to 4 spoons of baking soda. Now mix them properly. Your work has almost done. I think you can guess what will you have to do now. Yes, you’re thinking the right. Pour the mixture on the area you want to clean and apply with a soft cloth. Do the same thing on the whole machine. When the work is done wait 5 to 10 mins. Now wipe the machine with a wet cloth and you’ll get a tremendous result.

Finishing it up

I have written about three of the most effective proven methods of how to clean a panini press. You can definitely try one to clean yours. Or I would suggest you try all the methods one after one. Because we all love to do experiments. So if you want anything more to know please contact us through this page.

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