10 Most Common Coffee Brewing Mistakes to Avoid

For brewing a better cup of coffee you need to be alert and avoid some Coffee brewing mistakes. Unintentionally many of us make some minor mistakes in the brewing process. And for that, it can make a huge impact on the taste and quality of the finished pot.

Making coffee is an art for me. So, in that sense, the person who brews coffee is an artist. Haha! If you’re a brewing artist or in the process of being one, you should always avoid the following mistakes that I’m gonna tell you.

So, when you brew the next cup you should know about the potential mistakes you can make and how to fix that. We’re about to make you know what’re those you should avoid and how to fix those. Let’s get started!

Mistakes You should avoid before brewing

#1. Buying Low-Quality Coffee:

Coffee beans

We often fail to purchase the best quality coffee that eventually differs the taste. So if we wanna brew an awesome cup of coffee, there’s no alternative to choose the best coffee beans.

#2. You don’t use whole-bean coffee:

One of the most common coffee brewing mistakes that we make is not choosing whole beans. If Whole beans grounds so well and you brew a cup with well-grounded whole beans, surely no coffee can match the taste of yours. So, make sure to use whole bean coffee every time.

coffee beans

#3. You don’t store coffee in Airtight container:

Storing the coffee in a cold place as fridges will reduce the moisture and taste of your coffee. So try to avoid cold storage rather you should store the coffee in dry airtight containers or something similar.

airtight container

#4. Not matching the grind size to your brew style:


You always need to grind your coffee according to brew style. It is mandatory for brewing coffee. You’ll always get better and thicker coffee or the style you want if the beans ground finely according to your preferred style. That’s why you’ll need a fine grinder that has so many options for brewing coffee.

#5. Not using enough hot water:

Not using the water with the right temperature which is something between 195°F to 205°F is one of the major coffee brewing mistakes. So make sure to use water that is perfectly warm. You can use a thermostat to measure the temperature of your water.

pouring hot water

#6. Using a dirty brewer:

We often left the grinder uncleaned after using it. And then we use that dirty brewer for our next course of coffee. You may not know that it can cost you the taste of your fresh ground coffee. So always clean the brewer after using and use a clean brewer.

#7. Don’t use tap or unfiltered water:

Using water directly from tab or unfiltered can make a vast disaster in taste to your coffee. So try to use filtered or bottled water bcoz tap water may impart a strong odor or taste, such as chlorine. It’ll add a better taste on your pot.

filtered water

#8. Not measuring your coffee:

Making coffee is not just take as much you want and pour it into the water. It has a coffee to water ratio for the perfect measurement and taste. The ideal coffee to water ratio is “one to two tablespoons of ground coffee for every six ounces of water”. If you don’t maintain the ratio then your coffee sometimes may be too strong or too weak. So make sure to maintain the proper ratio for better taste.

measuring coffee

#9. Using the wrong type of coffee cup:

Using the wrong type of coffee cup is also a major coffee brewing mistakes. I saw many people who drink coffee from a plastic cup. That’s seriously harmful to the human body. Pouring hot coffee into a plastic cup and drink from it will ultimately lead you to serious kinds of diseases. So try to avoid drinking coffee from a plastic cup rather you should use a stainless steel mug.

plastic cup

#10. Brewing the coffee that already expired:

Using expired coffee to brew a fresh cup of coffee is one of the silliest coffee brewing mistakes. Every time you are making coffee please make sure that your coffee is up to date. Otherwise, you can be sick.

Expired coffee


In this article, I’ve made 10 most serious points on coffee brewing mistakes that we often make. I hope now you are well aware of what mistakes you have been making throughout the years. And I’m sure that you won’t repeat any of the mistakes on making up your next cup of coffee.

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