Best tips on How to Assemble and Use Spin Mop

If you’re new with the tool and don’t know how to assemble and use spin mop then all you’ve to do is read our article or you can watch the video instead.

Cleaning is really a hardship for everyone. There’re not many people you’ll find who love to do cleaning work. But it’s such a chore that can never be denied. So we always try to find an easy way for cleaning. And best spin mops is that such tool which makes our job a bit easier.

Here, we’ll discuss the whole process in a really simple way and step after step so that you can easily assemble a spin mop. It’s a super easy work to learn and then do it. So, taking no more time let’s start with the proceedings.

How to Assemble Spin Mop

In this portion, we’ll know how you should assemble the parts of the cleaning tool and makes it a complete spinning mop. We’ll discuss the process step by step. So, just follow the steps and boom! you’re ready to assemble and use the tool. Let’s start:

Step 1: (Snap end cap onto telescoping pole)

spin mops upper cap

First of all, put the end cap onto the telescoping pole and rotate clockwise until it gets tight. After you do it alright you’re now ready to go towards the next step.

Step 2: (Connect Top pole with Middle pole)

upper and middle handle connecting

Now its turn to connect the poles to one another. So, what you’ll do is, place the middle pole into the top pole and rotate clockwise until tight. After you’ve done this half of your work is done.

Step 3: (Connect the Lower pole)

bottom pole connecting with middle

The same process as you’ve done in step 2. Just put the bottom/lower pole into the middle pole and keep rotating clockwise until it becomes tight. And finishing this step means your pole handle is completely ready. You’re two simple steps away to assemble the whole spin mop and start mopping with it.

Step 4: (Connect mop head base with the pole)

mop head base

This is the second last step of our journey. No exception, you just have to place the bottom pole into the base and screw tightly. You’re almost done with your work. Let’s find out the final step and end our journey of assembling a spin mop.

Step 5: (Align mop head with the base)

fixing the mop

Here is the very final attempt to make to complete the task. And this is also so very easy as steps done before. You’ll have to align the microfiber mop head with base and push it down until it snaps securely in place. After you do so you’re ready with your tool. And now you can do your cleaning with it.

If you don’t have much time or you want a video to watch a live process you can follow this video:

How to use Spin Mops

When it comes to cleaning the spin mop does the work exactly like other conventional mops. There are only a few easy notices for you as follows.

Step-1: First of all, Fill the bucket with water (but make sure not to use too much water) and add cleaning liquid, if you need.

Step-2: Put the mop head in the water and put it in the spinning basket which is attached over the bucket. Make sure not to wet the head too much otherwise, it will leave splash on the floor.

Step-3: Spin the basket with the pedal or the pump handle depends on the brand, which option is given to yours.

Step-4: Keep repeating these processes all over again whenever you need to rinse the mop.


In this content, We’ve tried to make you learn How to Assemble and use Spin Mop properly. And to keep it really simple, We’ve done the work step by step with photos so that you could understand easily. If you are benefitted with this content or you’re confused with something please let us know and we’ll try harder to make you clear your confusion. Happy cleaning!!

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