How to Cook Bacon on the Grill [5 Best tips]

Is it possible to make bacon on the grill? To be very honest, surely it is. And we’re gonna tell you exactly how to cook bacon on the grill easily. So let’s not waste time and learn the tips, tricks, and methods after the short introduction.

Most people, especially Americans, are incredibly fond of bacon in their breakfast. It’s just super awesome on burgers, sandwiches, salads, eggs, and all on its own, too. And grilled bacon is far more delicious than other types. Because grilled ones are smoky, and just the perfect amount of crispy.

Though a majority of people fry bacon in a skillet on the stovetop, you know it’s oily. We’re a bit health conscious-minded people and prefer grilled bacon over oil fried. Read our tips for cooking bacon on the grill below, and learn how to make crispy bacon.

What is Bacon?

By bacon, we usually mean salt-cured pork. In America, the most common bacon is one that is sliced from the side of pigs and that has a lot of fatty layers. Bacon is also cut from the belly and even from the back of a pig. Backside cut bacon is very famous in the United Kingdom.

pork img

It is eaten as a side dish or utilized as a minor fixing to flavor dishes mainly in the breakfast. Basically, bacon is served with eggs, pancakes, or waffles for breakfast. Otherwise, it is also used to make sandwiches, soups, salads, and even sweets like maple bacon ice cream.

However, it is better to say here that bacon does not mean only pork. Bacon is also made with beef, mutton, and even chicken. Especially Muslims and Jewish who are religiously forbidden to eat pork, eat beef bacon, mutton, or chicken. There is also vegetarian bacon called soy bacon.

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Why to Grill Bacon

Wanna know why to grill bacon at all when you have a completely decent skillet in your house? One clear reason is to keep all the cooking in one spot. You need bacon for those burgers, and you surely don’t want them to burn down while you’re heating a pan inside.

Bacon becomes even tastier when it is grilled or cooking over coal or wood. But that doesn’t mean other methods are bad. Actually, the best part of grilling is the scent. The aroma is so good of grill bacon that will make your tongue water. I personally like grilled bacon than fried. I hope you too love to have grill bacon.

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How to Cook Bacon on the Grill

There are so many methods to cook bacon on the grill. Not everyone likes every way of grilling bacon. But everyone loves a particular method for sure. Since I’m not sure about your ideal one I mean which is gonna suit you, I would write down all of the best methods. Now, find out your suitable one. Let’s face it.

Using a Cast-iron Skillet

Step-1: Heat the Skillet

First of all, you need to heat things up. You’ve to preheat your grill around to 400°F. Place cooking grate in the right spot, cover grill, and allow to preheat for 5 minutes.

Step-2: Set the strips down

Now, place the slices of bacon on the skillet and close your grill. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes depends on the thickness of your slices. If your bacon is a bit thin then you need to grill less time.

Step-3: Turn over the strips

After some time you need to flip around the bacon to make sure they are cooked evenly on each side. Cook for an extra 3 to 5 minutes for crispy bacon. You would be amazed to see the goldenness I mean the color.

Step-4: Enjoy the bacon

Congrats, your things are completely ready. Now use a tong and place them on the plate and enjoy!

The Aluminum Foil Method

This is one of the best ways to grill bacon. First, wrap all pieces of bacon particularly with a double sheet of aluminum foil. Then lay down each of the strips on the grill surface and flip them over after a few minutes, just as you would in a pan. After grilling for 10-12 minutes, your bacon should be ready to enjoy.

bacon on aluminum foil

Directly on The Grill

In this method, we put the bacon directly on the grill, across the bars of the grate. Oil the grates as you do while cooking BBQ with any other meat. Burn them to a crisp within two minutes and make sure not to put the bacon right over the fire, but just close enough.

how to cook bacon on the grill

Then give some indirect heat. And then you can enjoy it. It seems tiresome work for me because so many things to do in a short time and you can’t make mistakes.

On a Cooling Rack

This was the second-best technique and unquestionably works on the off chance that you don’t have a solid metal skillet. To utilize this technique, basically lay the bacon on the cooling rack, and stop the heat when you close the grill lid. You will get crispy bacon in around just two minutes.

There are some other methods of cooking bacon on the grill like ‘Hanging on the second shelf’ ‘On a skewer’ ‘On a baking sheet’ ‘On parchment paper’. But these methods are not as good and effective as the top four that I’ve told you about. 


I hope I could help you with providing the necessary info and tips on how to cook bacon on the grill. Utilizing an iron-cast griddle to flame broil the ideal portions of bacon is a surefire approach to satisfy your home visitors and family this late spring. We trust our tips assist you with picking and present the ideal bacon for your next lawn grill. So you can try all of them or the one that seems easy for you.