How To Get Rid Of Brown Well Water within a Few minutes

In some thought, you just arrived home with tiredness and thirst on a hot sunny day and wish to drink fresh cold water for refreshment. Then definitely you’ll take a glass, open your well and fill the glass. But you find out the water is entirely brown. Though it’s a common scenario, you’d frustrate for sure. And if you don’t know how to get rid of brown well water, please stick to us and we’ll guide you.

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s a common problem for well water and it has a simple cure method as well. We suppose you’re also searching for the cure then you are definitely in the right place.

In this situation, you should find out the cause of why it got brown. Well, we’ve tested different types of water from different wells and found out some interesting facts about this problem.

In the following writings, we will come up with so much effective information to pull you back from this problem. Let’s begin with the reason behind this problem first.

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Why is My Water Brown?

The well water can get brown for many reasons. We should know better about why water is brown than how to get rid of brown well water. Then let’s know first why the water gets contaminated.

Rainwater, water from your yard, housetop, and drains all return to the soil percolate, at that point meets a layer of residue, for example, rocks which filter out contaminants, after passing through the gravel it arrives at the aquifer, which is essentially a basement of water.

But you know that aquifer is the main source of your well water. It works as a barrier, filters the water, and prevents water from contaminants. And for that, you should have got clean water. But if you’re getting brown water instead of clear water then you should definitely lookup for the cause.

Generally, when the color of the water is different then it means it is affected. Sometimes it can be harmful to your health and sometimes not. Then test the water for making sure. Let’s find out the causes and how to get rid of brown well water.

Presence of Iron Ore makes well water brown

Sometimes the well water may contain sulfur or iron ore. It’s not a serious problem or I should say it’s not a problem. A certain amount of iron is needed to be healthy for every human being. So it is not abnormal to find iron ore in the water. But a vast amount of iron ore makes your water brown or reddish hue.

This amount of iron ore or iron bacteria (iron bacteria is not harmful to humans) just hampers the color of your water, not your health. So there’s nothing dangerous with drinking iron water at all. However, it can stain your clothing, bedsheets, and carpets. Also, it may create plumbing fixtures.

Though iron ore is not harmful, it certainly doesn’t look good. So we should find a way to get rid of this.

Iron Removal from Well Water

If your water is affected by iron ore and you want to get rid of it with an economically effective solution, use a softener system. A water softener system usually cleans the magnesium and calcium through ion exchange.

In PH hardness, it’s increased and it normally is for hard water. Anyway, a water softener system will likewise eliminate iron from the water as well. Also, installing a filter will work wonders for removing most of the iron.

Also, you can use any of the following methods to remove iron in well water.

  1. Filtration
  2. Greensand
  3. Ion exchange (Most common)
  4. Aeration (Least common)

Rust can make well water brown

Another common cause of brown water is rust. But rust doesn’t affect your well water directly. When some of the taps have clean water and some are brown then the suspect has to be the pipes. Rusty pipes (lead ones) make the water brown. In this case, well water may turn brown as rusty water from the pipes can fall in the well. 

Furthermore, the water heater which provides you hot water can also be the culprit sometimes. If your hot water taps have brown water then you can certainly suspect the water heater. The heater may get rusty and you’d find brown water from the taps.

pouring brown water

This problem is most common for the people who live in an old house and pipes are made of lead.

How to get rid of rusty brown water

Rust removal is quite easy than others though it gets a bit confused with iron sometimes. First, you have to find out the pipes which are affected. And that’s not a tough job you know. You just have to see which taps have brown water. After you find out the affected pipes you need to replace them. For doing so you can call up a plumber.

After replacing pipes, you’ll get clean water. One thing important is needed to tell here is if your pipes are not that old and the water is slightly discolored then open the tap and let the water out for some time. It should be fine then.

In case the water heater is the culprit for brown water then fix the heater for surpassing the problem.

Well water can be browned by Silt

Silt is basically suspended particles, leaves, organic matter, which find a way and enter into the well and make the water brown. You should check the filter of the well and see whether there is any sediment as silt on the lower part of the water on not.

If there is silt on the bottom of the water and that find a way through your faucet to your glass then you should concern about it. 

Because it can cause you health issues along with pump failure etc. So as soon as you find out silt problem make sure to fix it immediately.

Removing silt from brown well water

Removing silt from water is not that hard. What you’ll have to do is move the pump higher as your pump is too low at the moment. Also, this problem is caused for floods so in that case, you need to restore the well by the well company.

Moreover, you may use the filtration system to get rid of the problem. The filtration system will filter the water and prevent the sediment go into the well.

Tannins is a reason of well brown water

Tannins basically disintegrated from leaves, which can make your water earthy colored. Usually, in lakes and streams, this occurs however in the event that your well is shallow then you may discover brown water in the fall. These tannins at that point discover their way into your aquifer which turns your well water browny.

Tannins are likely to iron ore, it won’t harm your health but can stain your clothes. It may change the taste of the water as well.

Tannins removing tips from brown water

As usual, try to find out the cause, why the well water gets brown. If you discover the tannins which are guilty of this it will be more effective removal. Though it can be costly. It’s tricky to remove tannins but removal is not guaranteed though.

In this case, the primary thing to attempt is simply to continue to rake your leaves and plant debris outside your house, in the event that you can keep up and keep the water clear, at that point that would be great.

But doing all these things may not work. Tannins can still find their way to your wells water. Then what to do?

For permanent removal of tannins from the water is to invest in an Ion exchange system, reverse osmosis system, or an oxidation system. To do the thing you should need a plumber. So call a plumber to plant the system in your well.

Some more tips on

How to Get Rid Of Brown Well Water

Though we have mentioned the cause and cure methods alongside we made this part in case you can’t find out the actual cause. Then you can use this method. And that’s why I am gonna make this portion.

In any case, you are unaware of the cause and even the most ideal approach to dispose of brown well water is trying things out for understanding what the issue is and how to fix it. Recollect the test ought to incorporate appraisals of pH, hardness, microbes, iron microorganisms, broken up materials, coliform.


If you’ve gone through the article I believe you now know how to get rid of brown well water. We all know that water is life. So it’s crucial to have clean and healthy water every time. Otherwise, polluted water can endanger our health and life. That’s why we made this article so that you can cure the water if it gets affected by any of those causes.

We’ve researched and gone through a lot of information to provide you authentic and more importantly effective methods. If you find it helpful or wanna give us any suggestions please feel free to ping us here.