Popbabies Blender Reviews (Ranked 2nd)

Are you searching for a portable personal blender for your personal use? And you’re specifically investigating the data about pop babies portable personal blender. I ensure that you’ve to the correct place for the right things to know.

Now hold back tight and read the article I’ve written on popbabies blender reviews, I’d like to inform you that after finishing reading you’ll have the full idea about this portable personal popbabies blender. Because you’ll see its feature, specifications, and more.

So you can get the best idea about the product and finally decide whether it meets your needs and preferences. If so, you can definitely go for the popbabies portable blender. This blender super convenient for personal use, easy usability, rechargeable USB system, portability, most suitable while traveling, this year popbabies is the most popular and top-selling blender.

In my opinion, this rechargeable blender will be the perfect one for personal use. To know why it is best you’ve to read the article first.

About Popbabies Brand

Popbabies is a popular kitchen and home appliances brand that makes quality and digital quality products. And the popbabies company has been doing an uncommon job in this field for many years with so much fame. If you go to amazon and look at the customer’s rating of the product and manufactured by popbabies you’ll see how many people are trusting in this brand.

Popbabies Personal Portable Blender

PopBabies is a well-known brand. This personal blender was designed by a highly experienced artist team, manufactured by a factory with 30 years of manufacturing experience. They focus on quality, details, intimate service, and customer experience. We hope that popbabies smoothie blender is not only a product but also your favorite gear. Let’s find out why perfect.

Popbabies Blender Reviews

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Specifications of popbabies blender:

  • Max. power 175W
  • Motor: DC 7.4V
  • 22000 rpm plus-minus 15%
  • Power supply: Lithium battery USB 5V
  • 304 Stainless steel
  • Cup Weight: 0.49Ib
  • Cup height size: 3.2×3.2×6.1″
  • Dimensions: 3.2 x 3.2 x10.2″
  • Blender Weight: 1.3 Ib

It has come from a compact design personal blender, the petite size makes it the perfect blender for home, office, or any place. Also this personal blender dishwasher safe to-go cups. Perfect for shake and smoothies protein shaker, baby food, etc.

This portable blender realizes real portable thanks to its USB rechargeable and intelligent body. Unlike a plug-in blender, which does not carry the juice, salt, and lots of base from one cup to another, the blender can go with you completely or easily by the bottle itself. Drinking from the mix or on the go, all in 1 cup and one-button operation, it is so easy and so versatile. Mini but strong.

Popbabies blender does not require travel restrictions or any other power/plug-in requirements. So, this blender is a great personal gear for travel lovers. Also for any people.


  • Easy to use
  • USB System
  • 175 Watt power
  • Design by us artist
  • Perfect portable size
  • Light-weight


  • Can’t use hot liquid
  • Can’t use a big size ice cube and big size fruit.

FAQ Answered about the popbabies blender:

Q: Is this a unique blender?

A: Yes, it is unique, truly it is one of the unique and most popular brands of Amazon ( design, portability, and as a mini USB blender)

Q: How loud is it?

A: It’s not quiet or too loud. I think it makes it sound appropriate for the size. If you have frozen things in a blender or hard parts of the fruit, it is much louder than if you just mix the liquid and powder together.

Q: Is it 14oz or 17oz?

A: Total 17oz, any way you can put 14oz material.

Q: How many times need to charge it?
 A: Need 3-4 hours for a full charge. 


No product is 100% perfect. But I can assure you that popbabies blender is the most balanced blending machine. Especially for fitness-conscious people, this one is the best. I hope you learn some new ideas from this popbabies blender review.

You’ll get a strong motor for easy and quick blending. Also, viable construction for longer use and the machine is superb ideal for tough blending and smoothies which most of the users liked about the product. And the rest you have already read in the article. In my opinion, You should certainly give it a try. You won’t be disappointed I can assure you.

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